Lavish Tan Organic Airbrush Self Tanning Spray

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Lavish Tan's organic airbrush tanning spray tan solution is now available in a convenient spray can! Lavish Tan's self-tanning micro-mist aerosol spray delivers an ultra fine airbrush mist for easy-to-use, flawless application.

One can delivers 2-3 full body tans or 30-40 facial/chest tans. For all skin tones. Apply second coat if desired for darker tan results.

  • 99% organic airbrush tanning solution made from brown sugar naturally derived from apples and combined with anti-aging ingredients, aloe, CoQ10, and vitamins.
  • No streaks or orange splotches.
  • Tan fades naturally over time.
  • Easy application
  • Odorless
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